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Follow the adventures of the Saskgypsy crew as we wander, around, sometimes aimlessly, but wherever the wind takes us.

This section also has reviews for the fellow traveller looking to follow our path

Randy's Jewellery sales

Saskatchewan Handmade Jewellery – Corporate finance worker transitioning to psuedo-hippie to accommodate the care of my aging mom

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Saskgypsies, we wander around, sometimes aimlessly, but wherever the wind takes us. Armed with a car, bags of chips, some pops, Tim Hortons and a loud stereo, we explore places that interest us in the moment. In these travels there are pictures taken here you will find some of these pictures, and even some you can purchase for your own use!

About Us

We are the saskgypsies crew, we wander around checking things out as our whims desire, and our spirits are sometimes taken by the wind to places less travelled.

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn¬†how we manage to have fun and adventures.




gypsiesask Follow us for update on our adventures!


Driver, wanderer, selfie-taker-in-training


Photographer, free spirit, cemetery hunter, co-pilot


Free spirit, musician, general sillyness professional


Inquisitor, sillyness participant


Dancer, karaoke king, general sillyness professional


Comedy provider, whim specialist,

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