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Life events have decided for to get out of the corporate world, my mom’s mind is slowly going so i find i must free up my time schedule and pay her back for the sacrifices she made for me through my life.
Past corporate finance member gone rogue, turning to the hippie side as my friends aptly put it, I also need to live a more stress-free lifestyle.
As part of my time-freedom lifestyle I must adapt to I now make Jewellery, predominately copper based and handmade in small town Saskatchewan. I have had success at local markets and am expanding my business by putting myself out there on Etsy.

Making things with Copper has been a hobby since my grandfather taught it to me decades ago, now it is time to step it up a few notches. I also have a selfish angle to it as i have had rheumatoid arthritis since I was a teenager and copper is an all natural remedy to the almost crippling effects, and i find that indirectly due to the decrease in inflammation my asthma doesn’t bother me as much when I am wearing copper.

Randy Cowan

"Handmade jewellery maker in small town Saskatchewan”

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